Hair- more volume sponsored by Oriflame

Oriflame sponsored with HairX volume boost products and curling iron. I'm going to introduce you these products and later I will show you the review :-)

Do you have the same problem as I do? Your hair feels like a wig and it's in bad condition and no volume. My hair is thin and after winter and dying my blond ombres it's in horrible condition. I still need to find the perfect conditior for me because usually those lasts for a day and on next morning I have the same problem as last day.
I've always wanted thick hair but no. I think it's not even possible for me meh.

I'll introduce something that will work. I already tested these products.. except the shampoo so I'm going to make the review later.

I'm really waiting for the long time use results!

Times up up up wo-o-o-oo-ooouu... last 12 hours left in my giveaway :-)


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  1. nois kuvissa sun hiukset näyttää iha sika kivalta =)


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