Finals coming, wish us luck!

Our company Avedia has Young Entrepeneur finals on Monday to Tuesday. Our class is so excited but also nervous! If our company idea wins (62 others companies) we are going to London and have more clients and fame of course :-D
I can hear the clock saying ''tick, tock, tick, tock'' and soon it's saying ''TIME'S UP!''. We need to do our presentation done and practice it in English, make our new websites done, print posters and many many other things and we have two days left.

Our company already won ''best internet entirity'' and we are proud about that. We are the media geeks, lah. Now the one last thing and it's the Final and the competition is hard in this year so we gotta do our best.
If you live in Finland, near Lohja please come to visit and vote us on Monday at Kauppapaikka.

Here is our newest media diary with english subtitles. You can see my everyday school days with friends :-)


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