086- Marliss eyelashes

I totally found a great false lashes for our upcoming dance performance. I got ten pairs of false lashes and the price was only 2 dollars. I will give these for my dance kids and their performance is on Sunday where they are the music box dancers :-) i will take a video about it and maybe I'll put it here so you can see the show.

The order didn't include the glue. I really love the way how those goes a little cross which makes those look more natural. These lashes are long and kinda thick and just perfect for show but I wouldn't use these like everyday in school.

I can't wait the Sunday when I can do girl's hairs and their makeup! Smokey pink eyes with these lashes. And they have skirts.. white and pink haha. They will look like a little Diva Princess.


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  1. they look amazing and natural!


  2. Sulle ois mun blogissa haaste :) http://2hardfor1.blogspot.fi/2013/04/haaste_26.html


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