Welcome to my school- harlem shake

I'm a media student so my excuse for this is that I'm a media slave now so everything which is IN now, we must try it too. So here is my company's and other company's HARLEM SHAKE.

I bet you can't find me ;) btw. for me this didn't work by using firefox browser.


4 kommenttia:

  1. Oh... tell me, which one are you?

    Yes. Please allow your eyes to rest for a longer time. You could be having some scratches on the surface too so avoid putting anything on your cornea for the time being. My eye isn't painful anymore but I would not be wearing lenses for quite a while.

    1. I'm 'the flasher'' haha~ next to duck with grey jumpsuit.

  2. Oh! Hahahaha... Now I see you!

  3. I see you :P I bet you all had fun doing this :D


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