Skin79 bb cream sample kit

I tried four different Skin79's bb cream and started to compare those for each other. If you don't know what bb cream would suit for you, you can always try samples like I did and I have choose the winner from these four.

These samples are easy to get from many Korean cosmetic online shops and also from amazon and ebay. And there is many different kind of sample kits. Not just these four..

I have already on of these on bigger version and  it's Diamond prestige bb cream. You can read my earlier review here.

NO. 1# Super+ beblesh balm bb cream

This became my favorite and actually this has been named as ''The Queen of bb creams''.  It didn't make my skin look so grey and oily. It dries quickly and then starts to be more matte. Really easy to blend and covers well, even when it's light. Texture is not heavy or sticky.

NO 2# Super+ beblesh balm bb cream vip gold

This is my second favorite because it does not make my skin look grey at all. Really natural on my face (not on my hand) and I don't need to even use powder to cover any oiliness. I don't have oily skin and that's why I notice easily what foundation makes my skin glow too much. This is also whitening one but for me it  doesn't whiten a lot so that's why I like it a lot if I want to stay a little tanned.

NO. 3# Diamond prestige bb cream

Well okay I would say that this is not bad but it's not that good either. This made my skin look really light and almost white. Also the it made my skin glow a lot so it didn't stay for long.

NO. 4# Luminous pearl bb cream

And this one was not my favorite at all. And actually I guess it's not even available on bigger version. Only sample size. I can use this only to my eyelid because it's sparkly cream. I mean if I put it into my face and go to sunlight it would make me look like Edward Cullen from twilight. I don't wanna!

Sooo... we have a winner, also on my giveaway but I will announce the winner tomorrow :-)


4 kommenttia:

  1. Thanks for this review!:D It's very good!
    Wah can't wait to hear who won><

    1. Fingers crossed for you :3 rafflecopter is choosing the winner so I'm not even sure either who will be the winner haha~

  2. Wow! I really like this~ I love the diamond one and the pink one is super popular!

  3. I have/had the same set and I agree about your least favourite one from these.
    Nice blog by the way.


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