Review: Palty Nama Choco Waffle bubble hair dye

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But let's go to the review! I tried this Palty Bubble Hair dye and the color is Choco Waffle, yummy. I wasn't feeling comfortable with light hair and it was actually getting blond because of ombre. I wanted to get brown color back quickly.
Everytime when I dye my hair by myself with Garnier, Loreal  and so on.. the color always turns to black. After trying couple Asian hair dye brands (Liese and Palty) I decided not to buy hair color from Finland. The color is super easy to apply, low price and a lot of different color choices!

So what the package includes?
- mixing cup
- mixing spoon
- the color mixtures
- gloves
- introductions (only Japansese)
- conditioner

Just apply the bottle's liquid into the cup and then squeeze the color out of tube and start to mix it. The spoon with holes adds more air to the liquid color. Mix the color till it reaches cup's line which is inside it. The mixture should be like a foam.
Then follow the introductions or just the pictures. Introductions were only in Japanese and I was trusting the photos. No English at all ugh. I leaved it for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water and conditioner.

Aaaand the result.~
I was happy about the result. It didn't turn black and the color is smooth even when I had ombre hair! The packages pictures a bout what kind of color the hair will be like were totally right. Also my hair was really damaged after dying blond ombres and also because of curling and teasing. I used the conditioner and now my hair is smoooth and feels a lot better again :-)


- Cheap
- A lot different color options
- Easy to apply and use
- The result what I just hoped
- Didn't damage hair


- Just a little bit foam (for long hair, buy two packages!)

Hope this review helped someone :-)


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  1. Nice review:3 I'd like to try this product!

  2. Wow~ I want to try this as well!

  3. Hair dyes made from plant products can't lighten hair very much. Other than that, if you're open minded, willing to experiment a bit, and won't mind snooping around the internet for recipes for henna hair color mixes, you can get just about any color imaginable; from blond, to red, to deepest black.

    henna hair dye


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