Review: Maybelline Fit me

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So I bought this Maybelline's fit me foundation. After coming back from Tenerife I couldn't use my BB cream anymore because it's too pale. I hate searching the right color foundation because I think many foundations are so umm.. yellowish. This time I didn't buy the BB cream (as you can see ahem.) time try something new.

Fit me has many different kind of shades and it easier to find the shade which suits for your skin. And the price was lower thank I thought after seeing their commercials on tv.

The color was still kinda orange for my skin but it's just because I picked darker shade. I'll give you a great tip; try the foundation to your face because it's different color than your arm. Also check it in natural light!


- Doesn't make your skin look oily
- Many different shades
- Easy to blend
- Coversthe redness of your skin


- Doesn't stay long
- Still yellowish color

OVERALL: I could buy this product again even because of cons. Price is lower than many bb creams and the shades are close enough my own skin's color. I have a lto of redness on my face and this covers pretty well. But i have to apply it more during day because it doesn't stay long without powder.


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