OOTD denim

Bomrata bomrata op op op~ stuck in my head..

But yeah outfit of today is one of these denim shirt mixups which is familiar for all of you I guess. These might be last weeks that I can wear this much clothes because temperature is getting under -15 and I think it's time to start to wear chiffon shirts more. Spring please come faster!

My week long holiday started so I feel like I have a little bit more time to focused on blogging and moderate my giveaway. People please follow rules :( I've been deleting some entries because of this, I catch u rawwr.

 Oh my.. sorry about some photoshop mistakes and bad quality lah. Just edited quickly :3 are you guys playing LINE play too. I do ahhaha and I'm addicted right now.. if you want to add me go ahead: yejenny


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    1. Now the color has settle down better ^^

  2. Osallistuin tuohon giveawayyn mut en oikein tajunnut sitä miten sitä "ajetaan" ? :'D Oon aivan toivoton tollasten kans ja sit viel ku se on enkuks nii tuli onkelmia D: Any help, please? :D


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