Natural waves -- no heat hairstyle

This is maybe the most simple hairstyle ever. Maybe more for people whose hair curls especially during summer heat and rain. Aaand of course for those who don't use a lot of time for doing hairstyles. And the best thing in this is that NO HEAT yay! Hair won't suffer because of curcling iron and so on.


Wash your hair or just brush it with water. Just make sure that your hair is wet. You can decide how much you want to curl- a whole head or just the hair ends. If you want to use some hair products for example hair mousse feel free. I used tigi's curl booster also because it smells great teheh.


This is the fun part.
Start to play with your hair by making a messy bun/ponytail to side of your hair like I did or just one bun top of your head. If you want to curl your whole hair then make more buns just the way you like. Just crunch your hairs together and secure with pompoms lah.
Let it be as long as it dries. I recommend to do this before going to sleep if you have just washed your hair.


Open and brush a little bit by your fingers. If you want to get more volume then tease with brush or a comb. Hairspray will make your curls stay longer :-)

For me the result is not so curly as I hoped because I did brush it almost away gaah T^T and do not afraid my eyes, I'm not able to use contact lenses for a while.


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