here we go again..

Is it Sunday already? Last week was really hectic for me and I was just waiting for weekend but it's gone already. Why Friday is so close to Monday but Monday is so far away from Friday T^T

I have nothing important to say right now but I'm so stressed. 10 more weeks for summer holiday.. ten more weeks. I have only few weeks to:

- Find an apartment for my friend and I from Fuengirola. Also the plane tickets but ugh! We need to get the school's permission before it. Those permission papers are laying on principal's desk but nooo... she is skiing in Lapland! we need to know how much school gives the money, we need to know how long we are going to be there. We can't start our summer vacation before teacher knows that we have an apartment ready on Autumn. Everything must be 100% done.

- Five more lessons and we have a dance performance. I'm making the choreography and next time we must be done and kids must know the choreography! They can't go to stage if they are nervous and thinking that they don't remember all the steps.

- We have two weeks to build our company's websites again, get ready for finals, make introduction video done (which will be awesome), plan what we bring and what to say for judges.

- Next month is only in high school. The schedule is just a nightmare! Swedish, Finnish, English, math, history and geography. All those what I hate most.. except English. How we are able to make our customer things if we are not in vocational side at all?

- Can I pass my Swedish or math course in next month? If I can't I have to study a whole summer again. I didn't pass my last two Swedish courses and I did redo my exams. My course numbers in high school are almost all 5 and 6. (grades are 4-10)

- Where can I find a summer job? I will quit teaching dance because the kids are driving me insane. I will not suffer there with minimum wage... Finding summer job here for student is not easy because everyone says ''you don't have experience enough'' are you kidding me? How I could have any experience if no one is not taking me? well okay my CV looks fine but still..

Oh noes what else.. I don't even want to think. Jenny, calm down, take a deep deep breath and close your eyes. Everything will be just fine :-)

Thanks for the reading haha~ sometimes it's just good to let all the pressure come and calm down.


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  1. Aww you're adorable! And yes, definitely, don't let all the stress get you down! <3


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