Tenerife: Loro Parque

 First, Happy Valentine's day and belated CNY ^^ xin nian kuai le!

Loro Parque is one of the famous thing in Tenerife just like Siam Park which is a huge waterpark. But we decided to go to Loro Parque which is a zoo. I love animals and especially the wild ones what I'm not usually able to see, that's why I love zoos.
This park has many animals and hundreds of birds like parrots all over the park! And the park was huge so it started to get annoying when the birds were screaming all the time.

First we cam into gorilla area and I actually afraid their eyes. They are so close to human's eyes which jsut makes me fear a little bit. But I have to say that I wanted to go watch the gorillas several times. This one was only sitting like this in there and when I started to make a deep monkey voice it turned to look at me. I couldn't even take a picture about that moment because I was just staring it back!

There was four different shows; parrot, sealion, dolphin and orca. First we went to the orca show and we wanted to get close of them. Suddenly we realized that almost no-one were sitting in first, second, third or even fourth line... because orcas did splash into audience! It actually didn't matter where you were sitting, the splashes were huge. After the show I was completely wet and so was my camera too.

at this moment I was thinking ''run you fool!''
audience muahaha

The second show was the sealion show and it was hilarious. I was afraid to take pictures about it after the orca show but I have couple.


After this we went to watch parrots and I don't have any pictures about it, sorry. But the fourth and last show; the dolphin show, was my favorite. Dolphins are really able to do many things like, dancing in the water, swim REALLY fast, jump HIGH, they are smart, spin, bring objects etc.

surfing by dolphin!?

Place was full of animals but these were my favorites.

Marmosettes are so cute! Awww... they are so silly and look at this cutie! ''omnomonm''. It attacked to that berry like a lighting haha~ It tagged it right away when the zoo keeper brought some food.

The day was perfectly sunny, warm and place was like a jungle. Actually first it was a samll thai village and after that turned into a jungle. I miss that plac a lot and I wish I could go there another time someday :) and I really do recommend this place if you are going to visit Tenerife.


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