Review: L'oreal feria wild ombres no1

I think I'm not the only one who has notice that these ombre and ''dip'' hairs are getting popular and many people have those right now. Well finally this product came to Finland too and later (surprise) to my hometown. I don't dye my hair.. maybe once in a year during summer because my hair gets lighter because of sun. I wanted to do something with my hair but I wasn't interested to dye my whole hair again and I don't prefer the high lights on me. I tested it once and it looked horrible.
Well why I shouldn't try this one now?

 Waah! It's kinda orange but still I wanted to try it. Thanks to this product I can do my ombre hair at home. I was so excited but really scared at the same time because.... I didn't have any clue about ombre hairs haha~ those just look nice on someones.
And pictures are taken by a flashlight in a poor lighting and dark room hah~ my hair looks kinda orange and light because of natural red pigment. But I guess most of you know how my hair really look, right?

aaand here we go~
The package includes: instructions, gloves, brush, pulver, creme, applikator and the handling shampoo. The brush was just great but one minus thing is that some cream was still stuck on it even after brushing.

I'll give a couple of my tips for doing this. Start from the back hairs, I don't recommend to start upper than your ear or chin, avoid doing straight line so you'll get more natura result- start some hair sections higher and lower, let it be for a while and then add some color by your fingers to low part of your hairs so those get most color.

Ready to see the results?
In this picture it's really orange but it's becuse of flaslight and high contrast. It's actually more like toffee/orange/brown mix. You'll see it on upcoming pictures!

scary smile ahhaha~~ rawwr
 I' let the coor to set up for couple days and I'l show you these in natural light :) those looks a lot better then.


- really easy to apply and do home
- didn't smell after washing
- clear instructions
- result was better than I thought


- made my eyes wattering (don't know why)
- only two colors available


Great product even for beginner! I highyl recommend this for you if you are looking for ombres. If you want it to be more blond, just let it be 45 minutes. For me I did leave it just 25 minutes. The brush made it easy and kinda fun haha~


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  1. it looks good on you! :D
    i wish this product will available in my country soon :)

  2. Hi, Jenny! :)

    I'd like to ask a question for my friend because we have both been looking for a certain product for a long time now with no luck.
    May I ask where you got it from? I've been looking all over the big stores in Lahti and my friend looked for it all over Kouvola, and we both tried our luck with Finnish online stores too. Well, found one from ebay but the postage is around the same price as the item o.O
    I really appreciate it if you can tell me where to find it.

    Thanks! :)
    Digital Papyrus

    1. Heh! Thanks for contacting

      To Kajaani this product arrived later than many other places. It might be same in Lahti or the product is simply just out of stock because it's so popular at the moment. But I bought mine from K Citymarket.. in here it's only in there and also prism and anttila. If you still can't find the product after about two weeks you can ask it from someone who works in a shop :)

    2. Thanks so much for the info!
      Great blog by the way. Keep up the good work :)

  3. Awww thank you ^___^


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