Pull and bear haul

While I was in Tenerife there was so many little shops full of comsmetic products, clothes, shoes and bags but I didn't buy any of those! I was sure that I was sick hah~
But almost in last evening my brother found Pull & Bear shop and there was sale! I'v never been holding so much clothes at the same time. Seriously, I had 5 jeans, 10 different shirts, 3 pair of shoes and a jacket on my hands- I tried all those and it took maybe half an hour.. After trying those I was like ''yay! full update for my closet'' but when I started to count prices it was almost 200€ and I didn't have that much cash with me T^T because I didn't want to use my card there. My mother did and the machine took it and never gave it back.

all that makeup
phonecase and ring for my friend~

And here is the Pull and Bear haul. Half about my stuffs haha~ chifon shirts and denim shirt, finally got those. I' ll show these in upcoming OOTD pictures.

And I almost have 120 lovely followers in blogger! After that I start to plan the GIVEAWAY!! :)


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  1. Really cute items you purchased :) i love dark jeans and basics like these. Good taste <3

    Joyce @carouselstreet.com

  2. Sulla on tosi kiva blogi :) Oon ollu lukija jo jonkin aikaa ;) Haluisitsä vaikka liittyy mun uuteen blogiin? :) http://cistafashion.blogspot.fi/

  3. I love the chifon shirts and denim shirt you hauled!



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