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My new followers or even old followers might not know that I have a media company with my class. The company's name is Avedia. So I'm an entrepreneur age of 17 which is a big plus in my CV.

We had company semifinals in my hometown. All young entrepreneurs came there but I must say that our area was the best krhm. well it's easy for us to make the table look good because we are graphic designers. Judges came to ask questions from us but also normal people because they did need websites or photos etc. so we did get more clients.

So after 5-6 hours waiting one of the judges came to say ''the other judges wants to see you all and they will ask some tricky questions. They choose three best companies there and after that they are able to choose the winner''. We were so excited and scared at the same time.
We had 3 minutes to tell about our company and after that they asked questions like ''how you are different from the other companies'' and ''how long it might you to make a website'' etc. and we did crush those question right away without being silence and thinking what we should say.

What happened? WE WON! Actually we won three different categories and here you can actually see these three diploms what they gave.  Now we are going to finals to Lohja. So Finnish people who live near to Lohja please come to support us and vote :)!

We decided to celebrate this with cake what Jenna made!

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