Back from Tenerife!


I'm back from Tenerife! Time to share a little bit pictures and stories about my trip, right? I already miss the place and our hotel. Right now I would be there laying on the pool but nooo... I just came from math lesson and I'm so confused about everything what we are doing there right now. Gotta catch the others.
So anyway.. It was time to say goodbye to Finland for a week and say hello to Canarian Islands!

Hola Tenerife! It looked like a lost Island middle of nowhere haha~ fly took 5 hours when we went there but more than six hours back, huh? Well we arrived into our hotel- Parque Cristobal and when I saw this hotel lobby I was thinking that it's kinda fancy place as you might see it's really clear and simple but when we walked through it there was table tennis board and basketball field haha~ so it wasn't so fancy anymore.

Some of these pictures are taken by phone so don't wonder if the quality is not good in all pictures. But, I was with my family and we had kinda like own small apartmen (bungalow) in there. I fell in love with this place. Pool was just great and there was jacuzzis too and hotel area was like a small village. On evening there was a mini disco where all kids were dancing by the music, so cute! And after that there was a night shows which were just great!

 The day when we arrived was cloudy and I was just thinking that it will be like that a whole week. But actually all that wasn't clouds, it was sand. The wind has blow some sand from Sahara and that's why my voice were really husky. I thought I cathced a flew in there. Beach wasn't windy even when there was huge waves and a lot of surfers.

other side windy and the other calm

People in there were so frigging funny, weird and friendly. There was a lot of Chinese people haha~ I did talk with them couple times. This man (picture belowe) was everywhere where I walked. He adviced tourists friendly and after that asked some money. When I came there first time he started to talk to me: ''You are going to Parque Cristobal? Walk straight.. do you have any money for me?'' and I just said that no sorry, everything is in card and then he looked me and said ''Eskimo'' and walked away. He did that same thing on last day when I was waiting for bus haha~

Okay what else.. well the place was full of restaurantes and people were always dragging us into their restaurantes even if we didn't want to eat there. Well we went to Chinese restaurante on first evening and there was also Japanese food like Sushies.
In supermarkets everything was so cheap comparing to Finland. Except the cheese and Finnish salty liquorice (?). One small back cost almost 6€.. what a rob.

Enough for today haha~ I will post a little bit more about my trip to Loro Parque maybe tomorrow. I have a lot of pictures about it and I don't want to tell everything in this post haha~ Don't forget my promice that I will keep a giveaway when I have more than 120 followers^^ hope you all are excited!


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