Yay! School starts at 14:30 so now I had finally time to sleep and clean the house before mom comes home. It makes her happy of course haha~ and I need to ask some money keh keh.

I let my eyes relax so I don't use circle lenses now. Here you can see me without those ugh. Do you guys notice that my lips are ridicilously tiny o.o actually if my mouth would be totally closed you almost can't see my upper lip, lah.

Anyhow- It's so pretty outside because of sparkly snow and SUN! I haven't see it for a while and I did miss it. Still it's cold outside but I went to check my mailbox on bare feets.. I'm like a duck, I didn't feel a thing. Tree's brenches has bended because of snow and when I walk to my bus stop, it feels like I'm in the snow tunnel haha~

It was so sunny that my camera turned this pic into sepia color!?
Now I'm going to eat some lunch what I made: chickennoodlesoupwithredonionandchrimpspluseggsoup! And I have a Swedish wordexam today so I propably should start to read for it. BYE FOLKS! ^^


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  1. your lunch....looks nice :9 *drooling*

  2. i dont care about the size, but ur lips absolutely cuutee.. luv ur lips.. :)

  3. how long are you? and how much you weight? just asking,bc i feel like a whale :c

    1. I'm also a person who is feeling like a whale all the time D: I'm 164 short and weight is the thing what even my bf don't know but it's more than 60 but less than 70 o.o actually weight doesn't matter so much... only how you look like in mirror. << for me.

  4. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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