Review: Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream

This BB cream has got a lot of different opinions. When I saw this cute pink package I couldn't resist it :3 now I want to share this with you if someone is wondering what BB cream would be good for you.

 So this is 15g bottle and I just love how simply you can press the bottle. You don't need to add this too much because it blends well.

Well I'll tellyou something about this product:

- Wrinkle improvement
- Whitening
- UV protecting SPF25 PA++

It's 3 effects functional BB cream and those are whitening, wrinkles improvement and cultivates more bright and elastic skin.

In this picture it looks like it's close of my skintone but when I started to blend it turned almost white. Sorry that I don't have a picture about that- an amateur mistace argh! But when I was patting it to my face it didn't look so pale. Maybe my arms are more tanned than my face.

Here is before and after picture about my cheek..

before- there is some redness and small spots. Skin was good today haha~
after- see how smooth it looks like

- Makes your skin feel smooth
- After adding two layers it covered well
- Gives nice natural glow, skin doesn't look dry < easy to cover with any powder
- Don't need to use much in one time


- Best for people with pale skin. For me it was really white without powder
- No other skintones available
- Made a little bit grayish color (?)


I can't say that I love this product or I hate it. There is a lot of positive and negative things and usually I try to fix negative things. For example if it made skin look pale and glow too much, I just added some powder. Powder also helps the cream last longer.



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  1. Ahhh Korean BB creams usually leave me with a grey cast too. Perhaps you can try Japanese ones?

    1. I'll keep that in my mind. Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I love skin79, I still slightly prefer my lioele bb cream but this looks lovely x

    1. I'm deffinetly going to try lioele's bb-creams because I have heard so many positive comments about it.

  3. Hii your blog is super cute! I love this bb cream! <3

  4. mostly skin79 bb creams have grey-ish tone :( but I don't really mind since it's the most watery and easy to blend bb cream I've ever tried :D


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