Review: EOS Baby Doll Series Brown

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Today's review is kindly sponsored by Crystal Eyes :) What I'm going to review is EOS Baby Doll Brown circle lenses.

It says that those ae brown but for me they are yellowish/brownish. Kinda like mix of both colors and first I thought that those won't suit for my eyes. But I was wrong because my original eye color is yellowish green. As you see in this picture below, you can see my original eyecolor under the lense. This photo is taken by a flashlight but still I think that lens does blend pretty well.

Color/Design 8/10: So the color is not that brown what most of people might expect it to be but it's not bad at all. Suits maybe best for people with brown eyes. Changes your eyecolor and makes those look bright dolly. Dark circle makes eyes look roundish and that's why it gives nice dolly effect!

Enlargement 8/10: These lenses diameter is 14.0mm. Enlargement wasn't huge but you can see a small difference. Or maybe it's because of my natural big eyes haha~ With small difference your eyes looks still kinda natural which is always positive!

Comfort 9/10: These lenses are really comfortable! Usually I don't buy any lenses with diameter of 14.0mm. because those feels umm.. a little bit small and moves on my eye when I try to look up. These were different and I did wear these many many hours per. day.

Overall:  These lenses are great but because of color I'm not going to use these a lot in school for example. But I'm deffinetly going to use these in future blog pictures etc. I highly recommend these for people who does not want to make their eyes look huge but still want that people will notice your eyes, thanks for the bright color :)

Look at this super cute case! I was just wondering how am I going to carry my lenses when I'm going to abroad haha~ There is everything you need: lenscase, mirror, tweezers, bottle etc. Easy to carry in purse because it's not huge :)  is the place where you can go to check some circle lenses, cosplay lenses and beauty products! Don't forgot to use coupon code ''jennyye'' which gives you 10% discount of your purchase. You can also go to like their >>facebook<< page where they are doing a promotion for GEO lenses.

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  1. Oh My GOODNESS, Oh My Dayum! Dat Case Is Cute!!! x'D Im secretly wishing im a girl so i can use it without looking gay... <__<

  2. Loove these lenses!! I love how much they stand out!! <3 <3

  3. you look like a doll... so pretty! :)
    im following you... it would be nice if you can follow me too... thanks ^^

  4. Uhh you look so pretty in these lenses ! ^_^

  5. Well thanks ^___^


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