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OOTD post, yay! I rarely do these postings because I just think that my body shape is not so photogenic and good for 'advertice' clothes. Also I think that my personal style is not so unic or I don't have any sence of fashion haha~

I ordered these two shirts from yesstyle online store and these both was 20% sale. And while I was photographing outside and my camera made some voice and my neighbour came to watch... it was so akward moment for me haha~! But there is something really rare in these pictures, my hair is close. It happens maybe once in a year. I'm always leaving my hair open and that's why I look like a troll sometimes ke ke ke~

The first one is England-Plaid Wool Blouse by D.P-Shop. Love this comfiness and how simple it is, also the print and the colors are not bad at all!

my photoshop masterskills o.o''

And the other one is absolutely adorable haha but I don't really like the colors but still I just love it. So warm, soft and there's HUG ME print. Raglan Print Hooded Pullover by. cutie fashion.

These shoes actually velowes for my 9 years old brother haha~but those fits for me..

Tomorrow I have to go to bloodtest TT^TT. I can't eat anything today till tomorrow because of it. But I had a customer meeting today in Thai restauante and they gave us a free dinner :3! It was my ast meal of today oww. But I will survive, I must!


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