More volume for your lashes!

My favorite mascara is  The Falsies volume express mascara by. Maybelline. It gives nice false lash effect for your lashes and makes those look ticker and longer.
The other reasons why I love this mascara: it's not too liquid first, it's just perfect. You don't need to add much of it. Second, the thick and curvy brush bends your lashes up and also separate those. Third, it's worth of it's price and in Finland it cost about 15€.

Okay I know that if someone has only few lashes it won't make more lashes for you. It just gives that kind of effect. I'll show you some examples.

no mascara on these three pic
voila - didn't took long :)
Tomorrow I try to make a outfit post after long long time :) See you soon! 


3 kommenttia:

  1. Mullakin on toi ripsari!^^ Oon ollu ihan tyytyväinen:)

    1. Tää ja nuo colosson ... tai kaikki mis on paksu harja XD on mun suosikkei :D

  2. i really, really want to get this mascara! :D

    <3, Mimi


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