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I hate to do these kind of postings but right now there's happening a lot of stressful things. My bf was in small car accident but thank God he is okay!! He didn't had to go to hospital or anything pfiuf.

But me.. I'm going to blood test just before my trip because I might have Hypothyroidism < google explains. I'm already shaking because I hate needles and I'm scared of hospitals... I thought my mom to come with me =___= forever a child!
Oh well, fingers crossed that everything is okay.

I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS TOO. Me and my friend got job from Spain. Back to journalism! We'll be there 2 months in next October. Now there is some paperworks and money issues but we will get trough it :)

Here's some pictures!


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  1. I dig that ying yang shirt! ^^ it's rly cooool~~

  2. Replies
    1. Well thanks. Actually it's just eyeliner, mascara and blush :3

  3. Cover your eyes when facing a Needle! and YAY! Zhou is OK! :3

  4. lucky, that everything went fine, tho it isn't nice what happened to you two.
    anyways, cute photos of yourself~♥
    and omo~ are you a inu yasha-holic too? keke
    I looove inu yasha!

    1. Actually it's my friend's room and her mangas haha ^^''

  5. OMG! I'm so in love with your cat that I just squealed "Sooooooo cute..." at my screen. Her face is really cute and I love her pink nose and paw pads. What's her name? Or is it a he?

  6. I hope you don't mind, I pinned Pipsa's photo onto Pinterest. Lemme know if you are fine with it. I can remove it. =)


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