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Cold Finland, snowy Finland, white Finland, frozen Finland, dark Finland... give me a break. I had to eat D- vitamins because of you! Well I'm going to the Canaries in next month, 3.2-10.2.

Instead of laying in the snow I'm laying on the hot sand on the beach under the sunshine catching some color and D- vitamins, lah~ Instead of white there's green and instead of dark there's sunny! Ahh waiting for it badly, Tenerife be aware, I'm coming there soon.

So I'm asking you.. is there anyone who has been in Tenerife before? And in place called Playa de las Americas?
What you liked about it and is there places where we should go like park's (Loro parque..) or restaurantes or shopping centers? Could you kindly recommend something or even just tell a little bit about your experiences :) thank you, mwah!

Finnish song suits well to this topic-''Let's go far away, where is warm, and much vividly shines stars and moon. It can't be wrong to go to across the world. I want to leave with you...''


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  1. great posting! love the colors. how would you like to follow each other?

  2. Oon melkein kateellinen sulle tosta reissusta, täällä Suomessa kun on niin kylmä! Mut hyvää ja onnistunutta reissua sulle kuitenkin! (: Aika mahtavalta kuulostaa muuten kun kääntää tota Raappanan kappaletta englanniksi! :D

    1. Joo sen pitäs laulaa englanniks :---D


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