Blog's anniversary

I've blogged for one year now :) My very first blogpost was in Finnish ''Mitä kalligrafia on?'' what is calligraphy.
My blog has changed a lot in this year and I still have some readers from the beginning ^^


In school we was supposed to do own blog about something. It was kinda like homework but after it I still continued. First my blog was only supposed to tell about Chinese calligraphy but suddenly I noticed that I don't know enough about it haha~

Then my blog name turned to be ''My Asian Life'' and I was sharing my knowledge about Chinese culture, language etc. but then I realized that I only know about Chinese haha~ My blog banners changed several times because I like to photoshop those.

Later I wanted to share more about my life. So now my blog is ''Jenny Ye'' and it will be like this forever now!


- I've got +100 followers which is just awesome and I never couldn't believe that this would happen :) I though I'm boring haha~ 

- I'm keeping blog in English! It was a big step for me because I think that my English is still just poor but I'm trying to improve it with this. But getting international readers motivated me of course.

- Didn't expect this ever happen but I got my very first sponsor from >>Crystal Eyes<< thank you ^^ 
- More than 10 000 views, it's a wow factor for me.


Thank you all. Your sweet comments has put smile on my face several times and motivated me to continue writing. It feels like I'm never getting bored to this, lah~ Promise for the next year is to be more active than in beginning.
Also I promise to keep an international blog giveaway :)

Have a nice day ya'll, mwah! 


3 kommenttia:

  1. wow many things happen ^^
    i'm also using english even im not perfect :D keep trying!!

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  2. Aww, congrats! I just discoevered your blog and I love it, so I'm following you :)
    Check mine if you want, it's in Spanish but there's a translation tool in the left side of it:

    ps. Are you Finnish? (I adore Finland)

  3. Congrats on 100+ followers! I'm sure this amount will double in no time! ^^


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