Smells like blueberry!

I love mostly korean cosmetic brands but there's also one European brand which is one of my favortie- Oriflame. They also sponsor my dance group :)

Today I can't share the video for you because of new year rush but I'll share this great product for you quickly. So this is is organic blueberry & lavender calming face cream. Smells soooo good and suits well for my sensitive skin. My skin is really dry especially during winter and some creams just make it worse. Well this is different! It moist your skin and feels really good haha~

It also have a friend. Calming face wash. I wash my face with that and then I add the cream. You can go to check some products on ORIFLAME's website.


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  1. Missä opetat tanssii ja minkälaista?

    1. Oon yks Kajaanin Elon ohjaajist ja koulut antaa salivuoroja ja joskus varaan ihan peilisaleja harkoille. Opetan Tanssillista Voimistelua siis.

  2. omg you are sooo pretty! you seriously just look like a doll :)

  3. Wont people try to eat your face? :D Blueberries!!! Next time i see you DEFINITELY gonna take a bite out of your face! :3

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog :D
    I had no idea that oriflame is European brand o.O I thought it's made in USA lol

    mind to follow each other? :3

    1. Haha noo it's swedish brand :) and sure! I'll start following you.

  5. Lovely post ^^

    Thanks for the recent blog comment on my blog, I appreciate it ^^

    I love your big beautiful eyes *__*

    Love Emi


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