Kawaii nails!

Aaah here is one of the cutest nails I ever had. I'm wasn't a big fan of false nails because I did always had to cut and make those thinner, better shape on shorter. Never fits well!
But when I bought these 4.99 dollar, I changed my mind! I'm going to by nails only from this seller because there is a lot of different 3D nails, 24pcs. + glue + tapes. Nails will not fell off easily I can tell you that D: the glue is so strong.. also I don't had to start cut and make a new shape on these. These fits so well!
Only minus thing is that the decorations can fell off easily if you press nails too much... but when you glue those again it stays better :)

kinda tired eyes.. YAAWN well it's weekend :3

hah round eyes.... Bambi Princess MIMI aka brown series


12 kommenttia:

  1. ww cute nails! but I guess for me they would be too short :/ my natural nails are even longer, keke

  2. Waaaaaah, I love those nails~!^^

  3. The nails are so cute! It suits you so well!

  4. These nails are really pretty. Just like what you could get at a manicure place!

  5. THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ;_; but can't wear because of school ;_;

  6. omg your nails are amazing! it looks just like the ones the girls in japan have. are you japanese? i'm full japanese :)


    1. haha no I'm not Japanese.. full Finnish ;)

  7. too lazy to log in (snaps)December 3, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    they look edible!!!

  8. Cute nails Jenny! Amazing kawaii designs! They look good on you. :)

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  9. Where did you buy these? I tried searching for short kawaii nails but I can't anywhere that sells them


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