Hyvää Joulua! - as we say in Finland

Merry Christmas :)! in Finnish Hyvää Joulua. Two different Santa Claus arrived umm.. but both gave a presents haha~ This Christmas I was with my grandparents and two cousins. I think I ate too much ... my tummy is still full haha~

 Our Christmas tree was soooooo thick and full. First it was too big but stepdad made in smaller haha~ Every year we are putting our tree full of decorations lah.

  In xmas I always got so much chocolate ugh. Too much but it's so good haha! Chocolate is the easiest gift.


When I saw this I almost started to cry because it was so so so cute.. ''It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!'' Just call it Igaros, okay?

Well this is something what I really needed... I haven't use hair straightener or curling iron in two months because of little accident krhm :D The wire of it kinda umm. burned.

Also I'm testdriving my new camera object! Macro 18-200mm for Canon ahh love it. Now I don't had to climb into a tree if I want to get a picture about leaves =_=


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