Day15- Your favorite bloggers

I'm following over 80 blogs so I had to think a little bit haha~ There is so many blogs which I like but I'll tell you my top 5 blogs.

1. QiuQiu

I love her blog! She is so pretty, recently get married and she shares a lot of pictures in her blog. She is one of the famous Asian blogger. She is so sweet and funny and makes great reviews etc. I recommend you to watch her ''Budget barbie'' show on youtube.

2. Xiaxue

She is the most famous Asian blogger too. She has a corgeous pink hair ans she looks like a princess. Right now she is pregnant and she shares her baby pumb pictures in Instagram. People have many kind of opinions about her. She shares her opinions clearly but recently she haven't blog so much but it's easy to follow her by Instagram.

3. Cominica

Cominica is such adorable beauty blogger. She writes a lot of great reviews. Sometimes she blogs a lot but sometimes she kinda like disappear. Oh well I love her pictures and way how she writes.

4.The DayLee Journal

Looks at this couple. They are so so so sweet together and they share their life and marriage. Also there is a lot of pictures about Marsa's outfits. Their pictures are just great and posts are not too long and boring. Reading this blog puts smile on my face.

5.The Ugly Moments

Clear layout, great pictures and great way to write. This blogger writes a lot of products reviews and I even read those haha~ I don't get bored and she gives great information!

Pictures are these blogger's banners



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  1. Some of these are my favorite bloggers, too! We have similar taste. ;)

    *now your newest follower via greader! :)

  2. I also love Cominica, Bijinblair, Misskatv, and Closet Voyage. All these girls are also quite active on twitter and instagram so if they are a little MIA on their blog you can follow them there too.


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