Day14- Your earliest memory

Tricky one :D what would be my earliest memory? I think that the idea is to tell earliest memory but not from this day or even week haha~

Memory, which comes to my mind first is when I was in 7th. grade. We got really boring event in school on May Day - Labour day. I was sitting in my school's hall but I heard that there was free helium balloons in near store. I love those because it changes my voice haha~ I looked my friend and suddenly we both stand up and ran away from hall.
Front of out doors there was a teacher guarding that no one can't go away. He asked us what we were doing and said that we are going to bathroom. There we were thinking how we can get out of there? My friend pretended to call her mom and ''asked her to bring something'' so we could go outside. Teacher looked us a whole time and suddenly my friends phone started to ring!! But she was clever and answered wuickly and said ''Idiot... now I had to put my mom on hold!''. Then we realized we had to give up and go back to hall...

Oh no we didn't ... there was a stairs up to hall and stair down to freedom haha~ Finally after running all over the school we found place where we could get away. Me and my friend laughed so hard and went to store to get some balloons. Then we went walk all over the city with 15 balloons o.O and we sucked all that helium and I know it can be dangerous but nothing happened for us stupid kids.

We had a great time there and then we had another problem. How we can get back? Our stuffs were in classroom. We just walked back to hall and teacher asked us where we were. ''Jenna had a horrible headache because of bad air in hall so we went to get some fresh air''. And he believed it :) Now we two are not friends anymore because umm.. she has changed and became really annoying and hanging out with her did cause some serious problems D:

But have you saw this MAMA gangnam style ;) who do you reconized on this video?


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