Day10- Discuss your first love and first kiss

Day10/ Discuss your first love and first kiss

Oh mama sounds good :) I'll tell you a small story which started long time ago...

I was about 5 years old and in kindergarten. There was a new little cute Chinese boy called Yizhou TAN TAN TAA yes, surprise haha~ But everyone called him Zhou Zhou. I asked does he want to play kiss tag with us. Rules were really simple - if tagger kiss your cheek then you are the tagger. When I was the tagger I wanted to kiss Zhou because he looked so lonely. He didn't speak Finnish then I believe but he learned it in kindergarten. Well I went to kiss Zhou - not into cheek, right into lips.
Well it was kinda my first kiss with boy haha~


But how about the ''real'' first kiss. I was dating with a guy whose name I'm not going to mention. He was shorter than me, horrible long wavy hair and mouth like fish in dry land D: but he was funny and sweet! I was in 8th. grade I believe. Our first kiss was something umm... what I don't want to happen anymore, let's say this way. After that I thought that no no no I can't believe this. Is it because I'm amateur and he is an amateur? Or because of my lips are sooooo tiny. Oh well it was our first and last kiss. But our relationship didn't work out because he was first my good friend and suddenly we were dating. I was just a little bit crush on him but those feelings died quickly o.O I said ''let's be just friends okay?'' < yeah.. that took couple weeks maybe.


I finally met Zhou again after 11 years and he didn't recognized or even remember me anymore =_= and I was in love with him in that second when I saw him! I thought that those kind of feelings are not even exist. In school yard before I went to bus .. I went to hug Zhou and said that I love him and I want to be part of his life. Then we were a couple and he kissed me :) it was his first kiss ever and my ''second'' kiss with him. It was quick but still full of emotions.
But I was waiting for second kiss more than first. I think that when it's time for first kiss, both are nervous and so on. On second kiss there is more feelings and there is no reason to be so nervous anymore :)

I'm sure that me and Zhou will be together forever! We have no problems and fights which could separate us.



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  1. This is really cute :D I was so happy when I was reading it. :D

  2. Haha :3 great that you like it ^_^


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