Day09- ''How you like your future will be like?'' - and more

Day09/ How you like your future will be like?

It feels like I already told this in first Day post D: great job, live with Zhou, be married, have a family and everything is great - no worries.


+100 followers ^^ thank you guys! In January 10th. is my first birthday haha~ I have been blogging almost a year now. Also it seems like some of you want to learn some basic words in Finnish. I'll make that video soon because my winter holiday started but it's only about ten days long.
Do you have any words or sentences what you want to hear in Finnish haha~ I can put those into video too but mostly I'll just teach how to say : hey, how are you, my name is.., I live in.. - etc. things.

Christmas eve is near and I'm going to need your help tomorrow to pick clothes what I should wear when I'm going to eat a dinner with my relatives. It's only two days anymore and I wrapped rest of my gifts :) my salary came just in right time haha~
Have you already bought presents for your friends, parents or someone? :)

I'll put pictures about my xmas ^^ and here you go, I made this quickly haha~ Merry Christmas and Happy new year!


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