Day07- ''Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality''

Day07/ Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

This is an interesting thing :3  I got this book from Zhou last year and I'm a little bit scared about what it says. My horoscope is libra and this book tells about it. It's written by well known Australian astrology Dadhichi.

I'll borrow things what book says about libras and how perfectly these fits!


''Mostly people know you as extremely social and funny person. You are trying to get your life in balance all the time. You are kind and you like to share everything with others. You hate unsocial situations, arguing and all kind of things what makes your mind peace unbalance. Many says that you are adorable and when others get know you better, they want to be your friend.''

And this especially- '' You have a bad self confidence and it's hard for you to trust yourself. You might spend a lot of time asking others opinions because you are so unsure about yourself.'' << I mean what? Just like looking into mirror.

Libra as a friend:

''Sweet and adorable libra is the butterfly of social life. Everyone loves her where ever she goes and she brings joy for everyone if she wants to. Libra is also a very good listener but she has also a lot of stories to tell. If someone has a problem, libra can help you.
Your libra friend can get excited easily about everything. Libra hates to be alone so they need someone who is with them all the time.''

Libra as a lover:

''You want a partner who is intelligence, clever and hard working. You need someone who has same kind of passion as you have. You want a partner who shares his feelings and thoughts. You love to love but you had to learn to relax and accept yourself as you are.''

WHAT ELSE? Dadhichi tells that usually libras are skinny but those whose ''planet sign'' is Venus is different. Well my planet sign is Venus:

'' If your planet sign is Venus, you might be curvy but not over-weight, pretty and men eye candy. But you have problems with sleeping which can cause you physical problems. Also many libras suffers headache (I have it everyday) ''

Libras dream job:

Graphic Designing (oh really?), interios design and human relations. All those are true true true!

I can't continue any further.. this book freaks me out soon :D argh!


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