Day06- ''Write 30 interesting facts about yourself''

Day06/ Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

I don't know that are these the most interesting things about me but at least these are facts ;)

  1. I have a slight obsession for Asia/Asians
  2. Jackie Chan has been my rolemodel for several years
  3. I'm A student in vocational college but C/D student in high school
  4. I met my boyfriend in kindergarten first time
  5. I have a media company - Avedia - with my classmates
  6. Also I have a own dance group where I'm the teacher
  7. My friends are 18 years old soon and I just turned 17
  8. Making weird voices is my thing, I love voice acting
  9. I'm maybe the shyest person ever
  10. There's 11 students in my class
  11. Sometimes I'm really stubborn
  12. I have a lot of awesome friends!
  13. My dream is to meet Jackie Chan when I travel in China (two dreams in one harhar!)
  14. All my penpals who I have met are about 20 years old guys
  15. I like to make nicknames for people
  16. I have problems with getting sleep because of too much energy
  17. I looove to tickle my bf even when he hates it :<
  18. My humor is mostly sarcastic
  19. I was coding yesterday in my sparetime
  20. I have a Canon EOS 1100D camera D:
  21. I have been in Sweden, Estonia, Gran Canaria and Mallorca
  22. I have watched almost every single cartoon (disney, pixar and universal especially)
  23. I'm 163cm short T^T
  24. My eyes are poison green/olive green (yellow, brown and green mutation)
  25. I have a cat Pipsa and a dog Goldie
  26. I prefer Korean cosmetic brands (Etude House, SKIN79, Tony Moly..)
  27. I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for about three years
  28. I prefer Samsung than Nokia
  29. Sometimes I travel to Oulu just for shopping
  30. I'm born in Friday 13th.
That's it, I'm done! :D


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