Day05- ''a time you thought about ending your own life''

Day05/ a time you thought about ending your own life

This is a tricky one because I haven't ever been so emo that I could kill myself and I haven't been in huge accidents or anything. Well once I was in car accident but somehow I knew that nothing will happen to me and I was right. I actually can't say anything to this so this topic will be this short 0.0

Making these is fun but I hope that there is not coming more these kind of depressing subjects harharhar. I guess you guys get know me better when I tell a little about myself with these, right?


Almost 100 readers ^^ wow that's just great, thank you!
I was wondering that if you want I could make a short video where I could try to teach Finnish language for international readers, sounds interesting at all haha~ ?
If you want to -- vote in sidebar and you can leave a comment if there's any word or sentence what you would like to know. Also you can ask something about culture or myths etc. and I'll answer you in video :)


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  1. No emo thoughts? Good for you!! :) The most "emo" I've been was when my ex-boyfriend (first love lol) broke up with me. I cried day and night, didn't eat for three days and just stared at the ceiling... Anyway I've moved on to better pastures haha :)

    followed back! thanks for following btw!! :)


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