Day04- ''Your views on religion''

Day04/ Your views on religion

I'm not sure is this about my own religion or all religions. Well I'll tell you my views about my religion and mostly religion in general.

My religion is Christianity and actually my full name is Jenny Christina and little brother is Jasper Kristian (just like Christian), mom is Saila Kristiina and grandmother is May Christine. Now you might think that my relatives are believers but no they aren't.
I'll tell you my honest views about Christianity... I don't believe in God and Jesus. I don't believe bible and my religion stories. So that makes me an atheist, sorry but it's true. All those are just stories but I believe that there has been a guy called Jesus, yes his mother was Maria, he did ride by a donkey, he was crucified and died. But I bet that he didn't heal a leper man or turned water into a wine.

Still people must believe on something. What I believe is spirits. No not the ghosts or angels - human energy which never dies. My father passed away almost three years ago and I can say that I can feel that he is presence because of his strong energy.

But how about religion in general. I think those are really interesting and I would like to try for example Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism. It's great that people have these kind of things and they have something which can explain ''where the earth came'' and all those things what human mind can't explain. I think it's interesting how many different views about religion people have. In Hinduism they have many God and in Christianity we have only one.
Religions teach us, help us, give us a hope and brings some cultures together. It also brings other opinions and views and wisdom so we can see the life in different angle. 


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