Day02- ''Where you'd like to be in 10 years?''

DAY02- Where you'd like to be in 10 years?

Well first I would like to start about something realistic haha~
I would like to live in Finland, near our capital town Helsinki. But let's say that I would like to be in Helsinki, in apartment where I can see this pretty Helsinki's cathedral.

There I would like to live with Zhou, be engaged and probably married and have a great job as voice-actress or newspaper photographer. Helsinki is not the prettiest town I think but it's full of job places for me and there is a lot of places and events where to go :)

Well next, let's go to the next one which might be a little unrealistic. I would like to be in China in 10 years. Not middle of rush in city... have a pretty apartment in mountains or small village, have a job and live with Zhou and have a family :) and there would be small pandas in our backyard! ^^ and the neighborhood would be full of cute Asian kids. Zhou doesn't want to live in China unfortunately and that's why I'm pretty sure that this will not become realistic ever. But I can always dream about it haha~
I'm nature kid okay, not the one who wants all to be luxury.



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  1. Always nice to have both realistic and unrealistic wished. Who knows, your BF might change his mind someday and that unrealistic wish might come true :)

  2. Miten muutes Zhoun vanhemmat on suhtautunu suhun? :0 entäs sun vanhemmat Zhouhun?

    1. Zhou elää tällä hetkel äitinsä kanssa ja zhoun isää en ollut koskaa ehtiny tavata :c mutta Zhoun äiti on aivan ihana persoona ja pitää minust paljon :3 ja minun äiti pitää zhouta ns. Parhaana mahdollisena vävypoikana hah :D eli vanhempie suhtautumine molemmil on äärettömän hyvä x)


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