Day01- ''Your current relationship''

DAY01/ Your current relationship

So I have been dating since 31.8.2010 with Yizhou Ye. He is bilingual so he speaks perfect Finnish and Chinese. His parents are both Chinese but Yizhou has live in Finland his whole life.
>>HERE<< is the link to my post where I told more about me and Zhou + there is a video haha~ But how is my relationship now?

We have had always a same problem in our relationship which is ''not enough time''. We don't see each other everyday but when exam week comes it goes worse... we might not see each other in 1-2 weeks!? But when we are spending time together we are enjoying about it. School takes so much time from each other, he is in high school and his schedule is totally full. Also he is a great student which means that he want to get best grades from exams.
Well me.. I'm in two school at the same time. High school and Vocational College AND I have company AND I'm a dance teacher. We both are in Mandarin Chinese course which is great. Bus system in my hometown sucks. Last bus goes at 16:00 to my home and my school days ends on that time. We live about 7 kilometers away from each other and I don't own a bike. In summer I can use scooter but in winter I have nothing... I won't walk in -30 degrees.
But still I'm happy with my current relationship. I know that we will get more time in future and especially when we have an apartment! Sometimes it feels like that the school is more important for Zhou than me and it makes me upset. But I know that he just wants to get good grades that he could have a great future when he is looking for a job.

I love him so much :) I really do and I'm just happy that I have him in my life. He is the greatest boyfriend ever, only negative thing about him is that he study too much (sometimes) and he is a little bit lazy haha~ What else should I say? Nothing comes to my mind anymore, I just simply love this guy oww and he is a great kisser muahah XD and I'm his first and last girlfriend :) lucky me.

If you have questions about us or just Zhou, ask! :)


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