Sorry that I haven't blog that much what i usually do. I have been so busy with school, work and catching bus..
But you know.. You can follow me with Instagram too and i update it everyday haha. Also pictures can tell you more than thousand words :)
Instagram- xojene

Right now i'm in bus station next to guy who eats something which smells do bad TT^TT i try to test blogging by phone too haha.. Slow. It's -27 degreece now and i'm not cold.. Wooot??

Ahh heaven... I see the bus is coming, time to go ^^


4 kommenttia:

  1. what? -24° ?? wow...I would have died if I were you D:
    I'm freezing already when it's 'only' +10° keke...
    and omo~ this cat looks so cute, is it yours?

  2. Wow those eyes are so beautiful!


  3. wow, love your pics!
    I like the last one is the best ♥ Yumm~


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