Snowy Finland

Well hey!

It has been snowing a lot for a week. I also promised to share pictures about it so I'll show you a few what I took quickly from my yard.
We have a small forest next to our house and when I went to walk there, huge snowballs felled to my head all the time. Snow is too heavy for trees. When it's getting really cold, about -30 the ice on the roof is getting really dangerous. When temperature suddenly gets lower, the ice starts to fall from roofs and people get injured badly. Last year kinda many people did even die because of that. The other what causes deaths in winter is obviously cold and the ice what cause car accidents. But also when it's snowing too much, people had to go to throw extra snow away from roof so it will not crack or anything... I mean, snow really can be heavy when it's wet! People fell out of roof with snow what fells off.
When I was a kid I did jump out of our roof when there was a lot of snow hah. But I did know it's dangerous but I didn't believe before something happens =_=

Well anyway... there you go :D


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    It looks pretty though! ^-^ but for my own sake, I hope it doesn't come to Denmark. Me and cold weather don't mix and match ;-)

    - Sally


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