Snail mail and penpals!


As some of you might now, I'm snail mailer haha. It means that I have penapals all over the world and I talk with them in old style, writing letters. Right now I have just one snail mail partner from Singapore. With others I'm talking by skype, QQ, e-mail or facebook.

I'm hooked to sending real letters. It's so fun to see others hand writing, read long long letters and sometimes get a photos about their country. I've been sending letters for about two or three years already and I have had penpals from Africa, Spain, China, Singapore, Norway and Finland hah.
My boxes are bursting of these!

I had a penpal from Africa, Yunusa and he did like to send those jewelry, haha thank you

Want to start snail mailing?

I can give you some tips :)

Well I did start to look penpals from: penpal-gate and it's easy website to use. First try to get know to people by sending e-mail and ask are they interested about snail mailing.
Other good website is penpalsnow where you can easily find people who you would like to know.

  • Always be yourself
  • Don't hesitate to contact someone
  • Try to tell much as possible about you.. but nothing personal okay
  • If you are looking for someone one kind of person, let everyone know
Hmm..... nothing else important does not comes to my mind now. 

CAUTION: Do not tell your home address to anybody... always get know someone better


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  1. I love the thought of snail mails and I have strongly considered it, but with Uni and just generally life - I just can't seem to be find time into doing it.

    It's lovely to see people do snail mails. There just something different about receiving a hand-written letter.

    - Sally


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