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Today I were in school because we has a rummage sale event. There was so much what to buy and a lot of people. We had a table there where we were (argh what a sentence) advertising our company- Avedia.
Here is me and Saija waiting that clock will be 10:00 when even starts and people comes in.

Our table was full of things... I mean there was Mac where pictures changed, three ipads, flyers, posters etc. things! Also we had Avedia t-shirts on so I think that we were advertising well haha. Some older people came to try ipads and they didn't know how to use those and they said ''this doesn't work!'' and we were like- ummm... yes it is but you don't know how to slide it. Reporters from Kainuun Sanomat (where I have been working) came to take pictures about us, aww. But maybe 2 best part what I heard was: ''Are you from Nokia company? I bought this Nokia Lumia 800 yesterday..'' and old man was looking at ipads and asked ''are these new phones?'' haha, silly.

And what else we got... Well Santa Claus! =) We tooked pictures about people with Santa. Childrens were shy and some of those did cry because they was scared :c But if they went to picture they get chocolate haha. Who would scare this Santa?!?


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