Review: Rose Mist Toner

SKIN79 is one of the known Korean brand just like Etude House or Tony Moly. SKIN79 is professional skin care program through functional treatment system.

What I got now is Rose Mist Toner. I bought it from and the price was about 9€ (60ml) if I remember correctly. Shipping took about 2 weeks to Finland.

Rose Mist Toner keeps your skin revitalized by supplying energy for tender and exhausted skin. Supplies sufficient rise water inside the skin, keeping skin soft and smooth, as well as making radiant and healthy from exhausted skin.
Diffusely fragrant rose aroma makes you feel relax and ease the spirit haha. The rose aroma makes you feel comfortable and doesn't smell bad but not so good either.


After washing face, spray it from 20-30cm away with your eyes closed. Then tap it with your hand to make it absorbed. You can use it whenever you feel dry after putting on makeup, you can spray it at any time. Over makeup is okay too!

I have use this for about week now and my face is a lot smoother but it dries soon again because of cold temperature outside. But after I spray this, my skin feels much better.


Price and quality is great. But reason why I can't give 5/5 is because I don't like the smell and results are not so huge. But still I can recommend this to almost anyone.


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  1. I don´t know this review made me think thank the product not it´s the correct for me. But thanks sweetie nice review!



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