Review: Liese bubble hair color Ash brown

I want to make a small review about this hair color even it's my first time when I try this. I'm always ''reviewing'' products in my mind when I'm using those haha.

Yes this is the one what I got from giveaway :)

well kinda ''minus'' thing about this is that it's almost exactly same color as my original hair haha. I dye my hair once in year :---D

Really simple... just put the bottle one mixture into bottle 2 and lean the bottle 3-5 times [no more than that] up and down. DO NOT SHAKE. Then just squeeze the center of bottle and it's foam! I'll put a video so you'll see every step ;)

Foam was super easy to to put. It was almost like putting shampoo and massage gently with fingertips.

Conditioner... really made my hair smooth and looks healthy. This gave me a nice volume into my hair! Love it... that was a nice surprise.

outside light, my hair didn't change dramatically but I did got a nice ash shade :)

inside light it looks darker... but you'll see that result is same!

- Perfect natural color to brown hair
- Easy to use
- Great introductions
- Allergy test panel inside package [all coloring packages don't have those]


- Smells bad [like almost all hair colors]


Umm that's it.. just positive things. My experiences about coloring hair by myself are bad... when I want an ash brown color or some kind of nice shade my hair turns to black! That's why I dye my hair rarely but I'm kind happy to my original hair color :)
All the other hair colors what I have tried are something like 2/5 or something. This is absolutely the best hair color what I have tried so far. I'm going to use only this brand in future.


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  1. Wow really interesting tutorial i want dye my hair with this Brand i hope doing this November... Cool post}!

    Beautiful color!

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  2. I've tried this one and it's really nice! Did a review too and it was quite effective even on virgin black hair ;-) your hair came out very pretty, a perfect ash color ^-^ but you already had a good color to begin with hehe.

    - Sally

  3. Moi!
    Linkkasit tän sun blogin mun blogiin ja aattelin nyt sitten käydä kurkkaamassa täällä. Tää sun blogi vaikuttaa tosi kivalta! Voisin tässä vaikka liittyä lukijaks! :D

    PS. Liity ihmees mun blogin lukijaks jos haluut ja kiinnostaa :)

  4. thanks for the review! I've been curious about how the foam dye works. Will probably dye my hair with this sometime soon

  5. Thanks for this review,it looks good on you! Japanese hair dyes are supposed to be the best (because they use a lot of developer). I'm Asian and wonder what colour this would come out as on Asian hair (maybe slightly darker?).

  6. I just dye my hair last Sunday using this color, loving how the color really show up as ash color :D

    1. omg this is so old post!!! X'D however I remember one thing about this product: it made my hair quite dry :(


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