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Long time ago I was a person who liked to wear only black clothes, ripped jeans and ruff makeup. I'm still wearing a lot of black and I try to get rid off this thing. My style and the way to think has change since 7th. grade when I was interested about ''emo'' and scene styles. It was so close that I was going to dye coontails (like raccoon tail) colors.. I'm glad I didn't.
In this pic you can see only black and black... it was my way to dress up.

Now I like styles which are simple, casual and feminine/girly. Pastel colors and actually all light colors are my favorite. In pass I liked heavy metal music, shock colors, skulls etc. but now... I think the pink is a cute color, cute things are super duper awesome, k- and c-pop, relaxing music, marshmallows, natural or dolly makeup etc.

I found these old shoes today. Two years ago I was almost throwing those away because I didn't like those. They weren't black so that's why. What was wrong with me? These looks so good with tunic and legwarmers.
I wish that there would be dry outside so I could use these someday.

When I was in 7th. grade I was a person who didn't smile in pictures and always looked sad.. never even trying to smile on these.
Those pictures are example about those times. I also did use magnet jewelry under my lip. I was almost taking that one in real but I'm good without it.

I'm more happier and positive person on these days. I try to smile in pictures but it's still new to me. I'm not good at facial expressions but I'm practicing haha.
I'm thinking too much about others opinions but it has always been my problem. I wish that someday I can spend a whole day without thinking what others are thinking about me.

I don't want to tell everything in internet, hope you understand but I have changed dramatically since 7th. grade. I wasn't that kind of person before that but I can say two things what has affect on me then, father's death and school bullying. I won't tell more about those, okay?
Well, my bf Zhou has helped me a lot but I don't know has he noticed it. Thanks to him my things are going so much better but I have many other reasons too.

Yay ^^ life is going so well at the moment.

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  1. Just realized that we both aren't that different. I was kind of emo once too. It was around 7th grade too, took it's time till I turned 18... :'D Now I regret that I waste my time with being sad, stabbed and bad mooded. I realzied that life is too short, too precious to waste it with being depressed that you aren't perfect and such things~

    1. Excactly.... I'm glad that i have finally realized that things are not going to get better if you are just grumpy all the time. Then you'll become antisocial and shy.

  2. Wow you are quite similar to me :) I wore a lot of black in past too, I also didn´t smile so much at all and now I love pastel colours and girly clothes. :) I think that everything is better when it´s like that. Being positive and smiling is just the right way :)

    1. Maybe it's some kind of age thing then... well teenage when you seem to be depressed almost all the time hngh :D i know many who has been same as me.

  3. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, Jenny.

    It is courageous of you to write this post about how you were back then and how you've changed. It is ok not to elaborate but I guess losing your dad and bullying were both traumatising for you.

    I often tell people who keep wearing black to add more colours to their wardrobe. It is true that black is cool, classy, elegant depending on how you wear it but adding some colours to your clothes add colours to your life too.

    Is it definitely a positive change and those shoes are lovely.

    1. You are right about everything what you just said. On these days I'm always watching that I have something else than just black on.
      People with colorful clothing looks always happier and people notice that.

  4. I am glad you feel happier and more positive now! It must be a great feeling to look back at the past: you can smile and feel that you're finally past that phase and can move on.

    I personally wasn't much of the rebellious type or dark type back then (I wanted to be though), but looking back I am happy to say that I grew past that. It's always a great feeling for me to know that I have grown even though it's only been a couple of years.


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