November haul

It takes too long to get all the products what I did order from eBay. Shipping is really slow sometimes but items are so cheap that I'm still using it all the time haha.
Right now I'm out of money. I had to wait till my wage arrives into my account. I had to wait maybe month. Also I already have everything [almost] what I need right now.
I accidently teared my jeans and I noticed it in school [akward] but I had leggings in my back because I had dance after school pfiuf. I was lucky. So I need shoes and jeans anymore. Christmas is soon so I wish that Santa Claus will bring me some gifts :)

10 packages of false lashes in 2€ only!
makeup brushes 7€
powder, mascara and trio eyeshadow on sale
Garnier body lotion [I accidently bought gel] and SKIN79 Rose mist toner- I will make a review about this
two lipsticks because they were only 1€ o.o I'll give those to my mom because I don't use any lipstick XD
cheap strawberry hairspray and expensive huge professional hairspray


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