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My music evolution has changed a lot on past few years. First I didn't even know what was my favorite music or band, everything was good. Later I started to listen heavy metal and FFDP- Five Finger Death Punch and Sabaton were my favorite bands! Horrible lyrics in some of those but I liked the quick beat on it. Then I found some Chinese singers and I felled in love.

I have always loved Chinese language and now Korean is one of my favorite too. Unfortunately in China they don't have many boy bands like in Korea but I have found some :)
I think that EXO-M, HIT-5 and Comic Boyz are my TOP 3 cpop groups. But I like other singers like Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom, Jaycee Chan etc.
This was my first group song singed by Chinese language, sounds familiar song right? :D

First Jackie Chan's song was Stand Up Beijing- olympics song and The Myth song.

I started to listen kpop almost same time and I have A LOT of favorites! NU'EST, BIGBANG, F Cuz, SHINee, Super Junior, B1A4, B2ST, PSY, exo-k, x-cross, v-cross, MBLQ, boyfriend, Bi Rain, T-Max, Wheesung, Taeyang, 2PM, 2AM, SS501, WE, Code-V and many many many many more!

SHINee and Super Junior were first kpop bands what I did listen. Thanks to them, I started to listen kpop and felled love.

Right now my favorite bands are NU'EST and EXO-M but it changes all the time. Both of them are excellent dancers and every of them are great singers. Baekho is still my favorite :3

Ahh love this song. Well okay what else should I say hmm.
Ohh do you guys know who has maybe sexiest voice EVER o.o Bi Rain! Oh gosh I think his voice is just amazing, it's a little bit hoarse so it looks so damn goooood :3


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  1. as a dedicated A+ (XD) I have to tell's MBLAQ not MBLQ ;D ♥

    1. Oooh my bad :3 I knew that but I should focuse to my spelling ;3 thanks for telling!


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