Jackie Chan leaves movies?!


There is a news about Jackie Chan and he is going to leave acting completely?! WHAT? Last time he said ''I'm not in retirement, I'm still going to act but not in so violent action movies. It's time to relax''. So is this really true?
He is not going to do any new movie ... EVER? T____T

Here is Finnish link >>here<< about news.

''Chinese Zodiac is Chan's written, produced and directed and he is also acting movie's main role. Chan has told that the movie is his best in many years. Movie's opening night is 12.12.12 in China.
In future Chan is going to continue only with charity work.''

Someone please tell me is this true that there will not be any movie in future where dear Jackie Chan is not in!? I can't believe this, I'm sure that Finnish newspaper is wrong _again_ =___=
They even did publish once that Jackie Chan is dead?



Here is an English video where Jackie tells that he is going to leave action movies _not all movies_! Stupid newspapers can't tell anything correctly =___=



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