I won! ^^


Sorry that I haven't write everyday or every-other day like I usually do. We have a company with my class so my days are long and exhausted. Going by buss doesn't help because it takes 2 hours to get home :(
But here I am again!

A really big thank you for Jolene!!
She had a 100 followers giveaway and I was the one of those three winners :) I'm born in Friday the 13th. so I guess because of that I never haven't won anything haha. Wanna see all those cute goodies what I got?

you see all these lovely products.. just perfect ^^
The puffy pony and Liese bubble hair dye in ash brown- I noticed that the color is almost exactly same as my original so of course I'm going to try this one! (=
The body shop nail buffer
fairy DIY rubber stamps, a cute magnet and lovely heart mahnet calender, I really did need a calender right now!
Xotic fake lashes, ooh sparkly! and princess color eyeshadow
Korean style pearls ribbon and ribbon necklace, pearl and ribbon hair clip in sweet pink.
I love these products, honestly. And I was kinda surprised how fast the shipping was and you really did package it safely. So ones again, thank you dear Jo!


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  1. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for writing a lovely post on my giveaway. Honestly, I hadn't expected the shipping to be so fast! Haha... I'm rather into saving the earth so I reused the boxes from my previous parcels. I'm glad that the packaging and bubble wrapping protected the products well! And I'm so happy to hear that you like the gifts.

    I just followed your blog. Silly me was trying to find your blog on my feed but realised I didn't follow.

  2. Congrats on winning! It's so awesome to win a give-away :) !

    - Sally

  3. Congratulations~ Awesome things!^^


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