Aah it's snowing again.... but I was so lucky that I got this jacket at right time. I did need a hood jacket because I don't want to use any hat in winter, stupid me.
I got this from www.polkashop.fi  which is a Finnish online store which sells clothes from Asia. So if you are Finnish, who doesn't like to order from other countries, this website would be good for you :)

Hmm... price was about 80€ which is not that bad about jacket but I think this jacket wasn't worth of that kind of price. I mean, the zipper is difficult because it feels rusty(?), it's a huge jacket and it's not that warm what I was thinking. But of course there is positive things too for example it's long, comfy and that hood is soooo warm ^^ now my brains will not freeze.

Hah my 9-years-old brother took these pictures quickly but I think he could be a photographer in future if he would be interested about it o.o he did give me wises like ''go little back and right, then you could hold your hood..'' etc. things and I was surprised XD but because of my terrible facial expressions, I didn't pick the ''best'' ones haha.

I'm collecting a haul post and the products are coming. That's why I haven't post for a while and I'm kinda busy in our company. I have school in Saturday too argh.


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  1. You cute thing! You're so cute! And wow, your brother sounded like a professional!

  2. aaaw you're really pretty! ^w^
    i just joined your blog, can you check out mine~?



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