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www.eyecandylens.com has a new adorable website! The name is Eye Candy's now and I highly recommend this place to get circle lenses :) the other website is www.lensvillage.com where is many same lenses but cheaper price in some of those.

These pictures are Eye Candy's pictures, and this was their first sneak peak picture. You can see how pretty the website is now! Last website was just sparkly and pink + simple. Now it's cute and girly!

I bought my very first lenses from there and there was winter discount then. Free shipping, took about 2 weeks only and quality + price was perfect.

Right now they have one of the most popular and best lenses on sale: GEO Bambi Princess MIMI Value Combo (4 colors).

I'm using these lenses everyday and love those!

The price is 89.99 dollars and I think it's not that bad! The quality, color, comfortable and enlargement is just perfect. I would buy this set if there would not be the grey one :c I wouldn't use it at all.

In Eye Candy's website payment method is safe PayPal and if you have any questions, contact them in their website or in facebook, they will answer quickly!
You can also try to win free lenses by taking picture about you with lenses and share it in their facebook page.


Eye Candy's does help newbies by telling about lenses diameters etc. You can go to check those >>here<<


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  1. The website is so pretty and well-done! I would love to just browse around their website even if I'm not buying any lens.

    I love grey lens btw. ;)

  2. Luin vähän aikaa sitten monta artikkelia että tolla sivulla myydään piilareita mitkä satuttaa silmää D: joten mä ainakin pysyn poissa tolta sivulta :o mut en tiedä jos ne on sitten sulla laadukkaammat? muuten toi sivu on kyllä söpö...

    1. höpö höpö.. 3 linssit tilasin vuos sitte ja silmät voi hyvin ja linssejä ei ees tunne ! =) mut en tiiä sit joistai animaatio linsseist D;


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