Christmas wishlist

Soon it's time to buy a X-mas calender!

On this Christmas I don't have much what I wish. I can see that I'm getting older because, seriously, presents are not important anymore. Maybe four years ago I always had a huge list about things what I would like to get. Now I don't even know where those are o_o

I love to decorate Christmas tree and also that smell is great! Candle lights all the time, glögi drinks, rice porridge, bringing candles to close people graves and of course Christmas food omnom.

our Christmas tree last year
Well my religion is Christian and Christmas is Jesus's birthday. We are going to church to listen and sing beautiful Christmas songs and also sleep when the priest is talking.
How my family is celebrating Christmas? Nope, we don't get presents in the morning. We are spending whole day with my grandparents, cousin's and aunt. When it's evening, we are going back to home and wait that Santa Claus will arrive ke ke ke ke. Santa Claus lives in Finland, did you know :---)
Well okay only my little brother believes to Santa ... sometimes. Usually it's my grandpa dressed like Santa, he brings some gifts and goes. Then my grandpa comes later and says ''Did Santa already leave?'' haha, every year same thing XD

Do you celebrate Christmas and how? :)


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